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Lyondell Chemical Company Detail
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Lyondell Chemical Company

Stock Symbol: LYO

1221 McKinney St

Lyondell Chemical Company Industry:
Materials/Manufacturing/Chemical Manufacturing

Lyondell Chemical Company Description:
Lyondell Chemical Company, ( ), headquartered in Houston, Texas, is the world's largest producer of propylene oxide (PO); the world's number three supplier of TDI (toluene diisocyanate); a leading producer of propylene glycol; a leading producer of other PO derivatives such as BDO (butanediol) and PGE (propylene glycol ether); and a producer of styrene monomer and MTBE as co-products of PO production. Through its 41% interest in Equistar Chemicals, LP, Lyondell also is one of the largest producers of ethylene, propylene and polyethylene in North America and a leading producer of polypropylene, ethylene oxide, ethylene glycol, high value-added specialty polymers and polymeric powder. Through its 58.75% interest in LYONDELL-CITGO Refining LP, Lyondell is one of the largest refiners in the United States, processing extra heavy Venezuelan crude oil to produce gasoline, low sulfur diesel and jet fuel. Lyondell is the third largest methanol producer in the U.S., through its 75% interest in Lyondell Methanol Company, L.P.

Lyondell Chemical Company Financial Summary:

Lyondell Chemical Company Business Summary:
Lyondell Chemical Company engages in the manufacture and marketing of various intermediate and performance chemicals. It operates through four segments: ethylene, co-products, and derivatives; propylene oxide and related products; inorganic chemicals; and refining. Its ethylene, co-products and derivatives segment produces ethylene; ethylene co-products, including propylene, butadiene, benzene, and toluene; and derivatives, including polyethylene, ethylene oxide, ethylene glycol, EO derivatives, and ethanol, vinyl acetate monomer, and polypropylene. This segment also produces methyl tertiary butyl ether, alkylate, acetic acid, and methano. Lyondell’s propylene oxide (PO) and related products segment produces PO and its co-products, PO derivatives, and toluene diisocyanate. PO’s co-products include styrene monomer and tertiary butyl alcohol. The company’s inorganic chemicals segment produces titanium dioxide (TiO2). This segment also produces titanium tetrachloride, titanyl sulfate, ultra-fine TiO2, and silica gel and cadmium-based pigments. Lyondell’s refining segment produces refined petroleum products, including gasoline, low sulfur diesel, jet fuel, aromatics, and lubricants. The company also produces fragrance and flavors chemicals. The company’s products are used in the food, cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceuticals, automotive, aircraft manufacturing, paints, fibers, engineering plastics, furniture, packaging, and transportation industries. Lyondell Chemical Company was incorporated in 1985 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

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