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TXU Corporation Detail
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TXU Corporation

Stock Symbol: TXU

Energy Plaza 1601 Bryan Street

TXU Corporation Industry:
Electric Utilities

TXU Corporation Description:
TXU Corporation engages in the generation, purchase, transmission,distribution and sale of electricity; the purchase, transmission,distribution and sale of natural gas; and energy marketing, energy services, telecommunications and other businesses. The Company is a multinational energy services holding company that has 30,000 megawatts of power eneration and sells 270 terawatt hours of electricity and two trillion cubic feet of natural gas annually. The ompany delivers or sells energy to approximately 11 million customers, primarily in the United States, Europe and Australia.

TXU Corporation Financial Summary:
TXU engages in power production, retail and wholesale sales of electricity and natural gas, and the transmission and distribution of electricity and natural gas. For the 6 months ended 6/30/05, revenues rose 2% to $4.53B. Net income from cont. opts. and applicable to Common totaled $780M, vs a loss of $821M. Revenues reflect higher energy trading activities. Earnings also benefited from improved margins and lower preferred premiums.

TXU Corporation Business Summary:
TXU Corp. is an energy company, which manages a portfolio of competitive and regulated energy businesses in North America, primarily in Texas. It conducts its operations through its subsidiaries: TXU Energy Company LLC (TXU Energy Holdings) and TXU Electric Delivery Company (TXU Electric Delivery). TXU Energy Holdings is engaged in electricity generation, and retail and wholesale energy sales. TXU Electric Delivery engages in regulated electricity transmission and distribution operations. TXU US Holdings Company (US Holdings) is the parent of TXU Energy Holdings and TXU Electric Delivery, and is a subsidiary of TXU Corp. In April 2004, TXU Corp. sold its telecommunications business. In June 2004, TXU Corp. sold TXU Fuel Company to Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. In July 2004, the Company sold TXU Australia Group Pty Ltd to Singapore Power. In October 2004, the Company sold TXU Gas Company to Atmos Energy Corporation.

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